EA: We should have given priority to the Wii

EA CEO John Riccitiello said today that backing the Xbox 360 and PS3 ahead of the Wii was a mistake, and his company was working hard to put more titles on the Wii and Nintendo DS.

“One thing that’s different is we typically figured out who the market leader was going to be before the start of the cycle and bet with our development resources on that platform. We made the wrong call there [by betting on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360], which made this transition harder than it would otherwise be. But now we’re catching up, and I think we’re fine. We’ve got some incredibly innovative Wii titles, incredibly innovative DS titles coming. And so I think that issue’s sort of behind us.”

Oh, EA, I can’t stay mad at you. Not after Boom Blox, anyway. Welcome back to the fold. All I ask is that you please make original, innovative games for the system.