EA might bundle MotionPlus with Grand Slam Tennis


My prediction that Wii Motion Plus’s “delay” had something to do with third parties was bolstered today by a rumor regarding EA. Apparently, the publisher is planning to bundle its upcoming Grand Slam Tennis title with MotionPlus for a respectable $60. That’s only $10 more than what the title would go for by itself.

To further expand on my prediction, I’ll say today that Nintendo may be working behind the scenes to bundle MotionPlus with other publisher’s upcoming titles. MotionPlus is arguably one of the more important pieces of Nintendo’s current disruption startegy, as it provides true 1:1 motion controls. That Nintendo has a history of not working closely with third parties regarding its first party accessories is irrelevant. Before Wii, it also had a history of not using motion controls and IR pointers, and yet here we are.

Hence, my prediction. However, on the other hand this could also be clever cover for Nintendo. By “allowing” third parties to bundle the device, this could be the perfect smokescreen for a real Wii Sports Resort delay to later in 2009. I hope, at least for that last part, I’m wrong.


  1. You spelled true wrong: ture

    Anyway, I’d be happy if they delay Resort if it means a better game. Regardless, if this rumor is true, then I’ll be quite surprised. Not shocked, but surprised.

  2. That is almost enough to make me get over the cartoon graphics of the EA tennis game. The thing I have to ask myself is, wouldn’t I rather wait to get it with Wii Sports Resort? I know Nintendo will get that game right.

  3. This pretty much sets the price for Wii motion plus at $15 on its own. As a bundle, they have to give some discount. I would doubt motion plus would go for $20, so $15 sounds like it.

  4. Why should I care?

  5. I think this is a smart move for EA/Nintendo. Wii Sports, specifically Wii Tennis is what really got the ball rolling for the Wii. I’m sure many casuals are ready for a deeper tennis game and will pick this up for the new gadget as well (kind of like Wii Play).

  6. I agree with Dave, if a delay means that Wii Sports Resort is a better title then I say they should go for it. Look at Valve; they constantly delay their software until they believe it to be the quality they want. Sure, they might delay forever, but in the end, have they EVER produced a bad game? My point being, I’ll gladly wait for late ’09 if it means that Wii Sports Resort is a better game.

  7. I think this kind of helps to reinforce EA’s decision to work closer with the Wii. I don’t think Nintendo would have allowed this if they didn’t see a really good parternship forming with EA. Hopefully we’ll see some more “A” titles coming from EA for the Wii, especially ones that will be taking advantage of the new motion controller.

  8. Oh, and btw, is the price going to be 60 dollars or 59.99? Because, as you know, there is a big psychological difference in the two.

  9. I hope Grand Slam Tennis is only $40 (without the Wii Motion Plus). I can’t see myself paying $60 for just a tennis game. By making their games cartoony and fun, EA is competing directly with WiiSports, which came with 4 sports games. Sure you could argue WiiSports Tennis is not the same type of experience as Grand Slam Tennis, but at the same time EA needs to make their product compete with a free alternative.

  10. I agree with Brian, wasn’t overly sure about the EA Tennis title because of the graphics but with motion plus bundled I could be persuaded. It’s a similar premise as the Wiimote + Wii Play one.

    I think Nintendo have made a really smart move by allowing third parties to bundle the hardware in with their software (assuming the rumour is true) as it ensures that people will be getting it, thus increasing the install base meaning that developers won’t be put off creating software that utilises it.

    I think the only thing that will stop me getting this now is if the rumour is true and then we discover that The Conduit comes with it too.

  11. @Phil Myth The Conduit isn’t going to be using Wii Motion Plus, there was a developer interview where they stated it didn’t add anything to the experience so they removed it.

  12. Argh!
    NDAs suck so much! 🙂

  13. Like I said on the previous post about this, I think Nintendo actually wants this thing to be a successful peripheral, and to that that it needs strong third party support from the begining.