EA might bundle MotionPlus with Grand Slam Tennis

My prediction that Wii Motion Plus’s “delay” had something to do with third parties was bolstered today by a rumor regarding EA. Apparently, the publisher is planning to bundle its upcoming Grand Slam Tennis title with MotionPlus for a respectable $60. That’s only $10 more than what the title would go for by itself.

To further expand on my prediction, I’ll say today that Nintendo may be working behind the scenes to bundle MotionPlus with other publisher’s upcoming titles. MotionPlus is arguably one of the more important pieces of Nintendo’s current disruption startegy, as it provides true 1:1 motion controls. That Nintendo has a history of not working closely with third parties regarding its first party accessories is irrelevant. Before Wii, it also had a history of not using motion controls and IR pointers, and yet here we are.

Hence, my prediction. However, on the other hand this could also be clever cover for Nintendo. By “allowing” third parties to bundle the device, this could be the perfect smokescreen for a real Wii Sports Resort delay to later in 2009. I hope, at least for that last part, I’m wrong.