EA follows Infendo’s advice, bundles MotionPlus with Tiger Woods

wiimotionplus1EA confirmed today that Tiger Woods PGA 10 will be bundled with MotionPlus. Other territories outside North America will get similar treatment, as well as the tennis title.

Fun fact: When you’re right about things as often as we are here at Infendo, it hurts a little right in the middle of your chest. But in a good way.

David: Wii MotionPlus = $20? Yeesh.

Jack: When people actually use it, that’s going to become a sweet spot price point.
My prediction anyway

David: Yeah, but is it just another zapper? An afterthought for devs? Games won’t ever require the damn thing.

Jack: All i can say is it will be different this time. And that Nintendo might counter that trend by having publishers include it with games as a bundle. Voila, problem solved.

Big mystery now is the price point. Make it $60, EA, and profit.

UPDATE: Our friends at Gizmodo have GameStop confirming the $60 price point.