New Holiday GameCube Bundles

On the heels of the Red DS/Mario Kart bundle comes the announcement of 3 separate GameCube bundles. First is a Geist bundle that includes the game with a Cube for $99. I don’t see the reasoning in bundling a Cube with a mediocore, already released game that has no buzz and isn’t selling. I guess the only hook is that it’s better than buying a Cube on its own.

Then there’s a bundle that includes the upcoming Mario Party 7 and two controllers. A price for this package is yet to be announced, but the 8-player game is pegged for a November release. Lastly comes a bundle with Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, also for $99. All three bundles really don’t give too much to get excited about, but everyone loves a free game.

[by Rollin, Source: GCA]


  1. You know, I might get the Mario Party one, ’cause I still have no Cube, but I don’t know…if the Rev is really out in early to mid ’06, I don’t want to spend those 100 bucks on a cube.
    If they just announced the release date for the Rev :/

  2. My (Pokemon obsessed) 9 year old is making his first big purchase this Wednesday : the XD Game Cube bundle. $99 for a $50 game plus a new GameCube is a pretty sweet deal. Finally after years of using dads game stuff, he gets to invest monetarily in my past time….Mario Kart : Double Dash is not far off…..

  3. Awesome, congrats.

    The Rev will not launch early-mid 06. Fall is where the bullseye is. U can go ahead and catch up on ur Cube gaming.

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