E3 – live blogging the Nintendo keynote

barkerhanger.jpgUpdate:  the conference is done.  Lots of great tidbits and new stuff to digest.  Let us know what you thought in our comments section!

Blake is moving into position in Santa Monica as we speak. I’ll be attempting a liveblog of the event as it unfolds. Stay tuned! The keynote is scheduled to begin at 12PM Eastern, 9AM Pacific.

All times Eastern.

1:18PM – And they’re done .. short video montage plays.
1:17PM – Nintendo intends to steal more of our leisure time with their systems.
1:16PM – Nintendo’s turn to lead .. primary target is very wide.
1:15PM – Reggie: “We’re happy, but not satisfied.”
1:14PM – Reggie is owning Shiggy! Reggie wins! Shiggy leaves.
1:13PM – Shiggy vs Reggie: soccer header match using the Balance Board.
1:12PM – Doesn’t tell your weight, just your BMI. Reggie’s BMI was 27 .. his Mii acted a little fat (big laugh). Reggie says, “Muscle is heavier than fat!”
1:10PM – Measures your weight, center of gravity, tracks BMI over time.
1:09PM – Doing live body check of Reggie!
1:08PM – Device is called Wii Balance Board. Measures weight, balance, and shifting weight. It’s wireless.
1:07PM – Live demo of balance game, calibration not setup right.
1:06PM – Live demo of step aerobics.
1:05PM – Live demo, calibration of floor pad is off a little.
1:03PM – Miyamoto takes the stage. Is he wearing a Katamari shirt?
1:02PM – Yoga, pilates, balance, and step aerobics are shown.
1:00PM – Wii Fit announced. Uses pads that you stand on.
12:58PM – WiiSports video montage.
12:57PM – Flash Focus visual test game for DS. My Word Coach from Ubisoft for DS. My Life Coach in development.
12:55PM – Picross DS, MySims, High School Musical, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 are shown.
12:53PM – Super Mario Galaxy comes out on November 12th this year! (I think Mario has a bee costume.)
12:53PM – Brain Age 2 out on August 20th
12:52PM – Family from Texas tested Mario Galaxy, and Brain Age 2
12:51PM – “New gamers forever!”
12:50PM – Miyamoto coming out soon with new game.
12:45PM – Iwata learned to cook with DS.
12:43PM – Iwata takes the stage to discuss non-traditional gamers.
12:41PM – Video of elderly playing games, brain training, etc.
12:40PM – Wii Wheel packaged with Mario Kart Wii.
12:40PM – Mario Kart for Wii, online, Q1 2008!
12:37PM – Mentions Pokemon, Mario Chargers, Madden 08, FIFA 08, DQM:Joker, and Guitar Hero 3 all being online.
12:36PM – New channel: Check Mii Out
12:35PM – WiiWare mentioned.
12:35PM – 5.6 million Virtual Console downloads
12:34PM – another video intro
12:33PM – Back to Reggie .. Talking about ‘getting serious about online’
12:30PM – Live demo of Metroid Prime 3.
12:27PM – Live demo of Phantom Hourglass.
12:26PM – TheHylia webmasters video interview.
12:25PM – Super Smash Bros. Brawl – December 3rd in the Americas!
12:22PM – Showing Soul Caliber Legends, WWE Raw, Ninja Gaiden DS, DQ Swords, Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
12:21PM – $19.99 for Wii Zapper, available this year.
12:20PM – Medal Of Honor will be built to take advantage of Wii Zapper. 32 players in multiplayer mode!
12:20PM – Looks like it’s just a shell without additional functionality.
12:19PM – Combines remote & nunchuck
12:19PM – The Wii Zapper!!
12:17PM – Showing various fan videos and blogs (like WiiFanboy).
12:16PM – “Nintendo is not a fad. Nintendo is the future.”
12:13PM – “That’s a lot of soccer moms!”
12:11PM – Talking about female gamers.
12:10PM – More graphs ..
12:07PM – Talking about market expansion, converting non-gamers with DS or Wii.
12:05PM – “My name is Reggie .. and I am .. happy!”
12:03PM – Intro video with talking NES, Cartman, various YouTube videos, etc.
12:02PM – “..please take your seats!”
11:59AM – “My Way” by Los Lonely Boys is playing on the PA.
11:59AM – “..the show will begin in 2 minutes..”
11:58AM – “Suddenly I See” is playing on the PA.
11:49AM – Perin is running around naked. Sorta awkward.
11:41AM – Nintendo is fittingly playing “I’m a Believer” over the PA.
11:36AM – Blake eats breakfast, courtesy of Nintendo!

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