DSi LL Japan Launch Coverage


The newest iteration of Nintendo’s dual-screen juggernaut launched in Japan over the weekend, and Infendo was at Akihabara’s Yodobashi Camera early to chat up the crowd that had lined up to be among the first to get the DSi LL.

The vibe of the crowd was generally energetic and the line of buyers kept growing well after we had entered the store. As you can see in the video, there were all kinds of people lined up to get the LL, but when questioned about Nintendo’s older target market for the LL, one of our interviewees mentioned (off camera) that they truly would consider the LL a good gift for the parents.

A big thank you to everyone who was interviewed and to Stephen for shooting such great footage.

More photos from the release as well as a few size comparison photos with my own DS Lite after the jump.


2009-11-21 09.44.42

2009-11-21 09.46.30

2009-11-21 09.44.31

2009-11-21 09.45.08


2009-11-21 09.44.20

2009-11-21 09.46.46

2009-11-21 09.43.52


  1. Cripes, that thing IS massive.

  2. That’s what she said. 😉

    Had to beat you guys to the punch, sorry for the double post.

  3. If it was available outside Japan I would get one in a hearbeat! Bring it over already.

  4. *heartbeat

  5. I am surprised that the buttons aren’t any bigger. If the screen size and the stylus were both made bigger for the older set then wouldn’t larger buttons follow?