DS to Get More Peripherals

Spong is reporting that the Nintendo DS will see a “a host of different peripherals” released in the coming year, with the Metroid Pinball Rumble Pack being the first of many add-ons for the portable. Apparently this comes from Nintendo representatives at last week’s DigitaLife event in NYC. All future add-ons are said to make use of the DS’s Game Boy Advance slot.

What else could that little cart slot be used for? Your guess is as good as mine so it should be interesting to see what Ninty has up their sleeve.

[Source: Spong]


  1. A new e-Reader?

    ; )

  2. Flash drive.

  3. Well the tilt sensor is probably one of them.

  4. Expansion packs. Liek you see they already made for there little Musical instrument game.

  5. Yea, expansion packs would be nice.
    Say if you could get one that would add a Wifi mode for games like Meteos, that would be sweet.

  6. i hope they’ll release an official music software with some kind of storage included, like a flash memory for saving loops and tracks or put samples via usb in it. some softs had been made for the gameboy (LittleSoundDJ and Nanoloop) and they are very popular on the “chiptune” scene for people who like “bleep bleep” music.
    im listening to a lot of .nsf these times, almost all are original tunes made by fanatic musicians for the nes (google “famicompo” or visit http://www.vorc.org/en/ to make your own idea). but a small portable music system like the DS would be incredibly popular among musicians, because of the touch screen and microphone included.

  7. Perhaps a new DS camera? I had a Gameboy camera in the dot-matrix days, and loved it. I’d love to see what developers could do with a camera and the DS’ capabilities.

    Maybe it could even be used in online play.

  8. Lmao SPONG?!?!?!? ROFL

  9. I think it might have to do with maybe a browser, so it will need extra memory and thats where the gba slot comes into play. I have no clue about tech things so I am probably wrong but thats my thought.

  10. Tilt Sensor + Monkey Ball. Would sell millions

  11. Wow. I hadn’t even thought about the possibility of doing something like adding wi-fi to existing games. Great idea! I would spend almost any amount of money to have a wi-fi expansion pack for Meteos. Or perhaps they could make a more universal wi-fi expansion pack that works to tunnel packets for any existing DS game that supports local wireless play? Very, very cool.

  12. remember the FXchip form the snes era? with the tecnology of now may be it could be posible to have better graphics on ds screen 😀 (even better than PSP?)

    We have now

    Play yan
    Expansion packs
    Rumble pack

  13. They had a DS Camera at the first unveiling of the Nintendo DS if I remember correctly.

  14. At E3? No way. I aint hoida/seen dat.

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