Revolution in June?

The always reliable Spong (…) is reporting that the Revolution will be released in June of 2006, this being revealed to the gaming site “overnight.” The news break also confirms rumors of an international launch in the US, Japan, and Europe “as close as possible.”

Regardless if Spong is just going after some extra traffic or not, June is a safe bet. The recent Nintendo hotline post says a later half of the year launch is to be expected so I’d consider that a more reliable, yet vague source. At least we know the thing’s coming in 2006. And as someone said in a recent Infendo comment, “I’m currently happy with all the stellar games out right now for the DS.”

I concur. But an early revolution, though unlikely, is welcome.

[Thanks Wizballs, Source: Spong]


  1. I don’t have a DS yet, but it is at the top of my Christmas wishlist. I’m not sure what games to get; I sure would like to see a list of top Christmas DS game picks…

    Of course, I’m going to get a Revolution on launch day. I might even pick up 3 or 4 GameCube games before then. The only question I have is when will I find time to play all of these games?

  2. U can go with the obvious choices of MKDS, Animal Crossing. If u want u can go all wifi and get those two plus Tony Hawk DS, which comes online enabled same day as Mario Kart. There’s also Mario & Luigi, old games like Meteos, Kirby, Nintendogs, Advance Wars, Feel the Magic. All are good.

  3. I definitely want Animal Crossing (not Nintendogs though, I can only handle one game that requires maitanence). I also want the lawyer game (can’t remember the name) beyond that I’m at a loss. I do want to get some online games; I remember seeing a surgery game that looked like a lot of fun.

  4. Lmfao SPONG??!!?

  5. I have no affiliations whatsoever with Spong BUT –

    Wasn’t their story about the Rev controller being unveiled at TGS entirely correct??!??


  6. Wasn’t Mario 128 sposed to be there according to them also?

    They guessed right just like every other site. They deserve no credit.

  7. This jives with my prediction,

    late spring – early summer.

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