DS Still Working It

The DS is still rolling. Nintendo is on target to meet it’s year end goal of 2.8 million units worldwide, just passing the 2 million mark. What do you attribute that success to?

[Source: Game Shout]


  1. I would say that the stunning success is based on that 3rd person who managed to buy 0.8 of a unit. Lucky kid.

  2. LOL nice typo 😉
    I think the DS will sell 2.8 million.
    With the Wi-Fi Connection launching soon, many consoles are goingto be sold…

  3. nintendogs will help boost sales in the US, as it already is in JP. and with games like kirby, meteos, nanostray, and mario…who the hell doesn’t want a DS? not to mention mario kart & animal crossing online.


    But thats it? 2.8 million units by years end? Thats a lot lower than I expected.

  5. I love my DS. I love it even more now that a steady stream of excellent games are coming out for it! The Wi-Fi Connection service is going to do more for boosting sales in the US than Nintendogs, in my opinion. Although Nintendogs looks fantastic and I can’t wait to play it!

  6. I’ve convinced several people to buy a DS over a PSP because the PSP is about as durable as a box of kittens.

  7. I bought a DS at launch and then sold it. Didn’t sell it because i hated it, I did because it lacked the variety of games (intending to buy it again sometime). I am going to buy it 101% again when Mario Kart and Animal Crossing are released.
    I’ll get the blue one, it’s just damn cool.
    I think it’s possible that the DS sells 2.8 million units from the release date of mario kart and animal crossing until the end of the year.
    2.8 million consoles in 3 months.

  8. Because Nintendogs has single handedly sold the system in Japan, and Nintendo’s luck with the US launch. Let’s face it, no one bought the DS because of the games. Nintendo managed to convince America that it was the must-have toy for Christmas, and Sony waited to launch the PSP. Everyone I know who bought a DS for their kids at Xmas says they haven’t touched it since January. If the PSP had launched during the holidays, that 2.8 million number would be much lower.

  9. Yay, go DS 😀
    Btw, my latest post in me blog concerns DS vs PSP info, please check it out 🙂
    kk, I’ll shutup about it now.

  10. The DS is the best, and will continue to be, because it is about the games! The titles coming out look amazing, and the Wi-Fi possibilities are mouth watering, not to mention it’s innovations rock all over the place. I also anticipate that Nintendogs is going to be a system seller here in America, maybe not the same as in Japan, but still big. And once again, I’m looking for people to come and chat about gaming on my blog:

    Long live Nintendo!

  11. I think early on the sales were attributed to the hardcore like me who got it wright away, and the people who just saw the name Nintendo on a handheld and new it was good. Then the good games started showing up this summer, and they had the cobalt one with free SM64 DS, that definatley helped. Now for them the reach the goal, they are basically depending on three things, Nintendogs, all the good third party support, and of course online.

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