DS Sales Spiked by 86%

Thanks to the Electric Blue DS/Mario 64 bundle, the unit has been selling like hot cakes. Since the launch of Nintendo DS in November, more than 1 million copies of Super Mario 64 DS have sold, making it the most popular DS game available. Still don’t have one? Better hurry, this promotion will only last through July 31.

Is anyone still surprised by the DS’s huge success?

[Source: Planet GameCube]


  1. There was a time when I was afraid that the PSP was going to Dreamcast all over the DS’s face. I guess the American Public isn’t as stupid as I thought.

  2. i agree with that comment

  3. Great news…
    I’ll have to agree too 😀

  4. I am surprised. I mean if I was going to get a handheld I would get the GB Advance SP. I personally think the DS is silly, and outragously awkward to play with.

    I think the PSP is cool, but it is too expensive and there is still no games that remotely interest me for the cost.

  5. True the DS looks silly to play with but I think it isn’t fully exploited yet. How about giving a 2D platformer’s dpad set up analog control? Think about it, how fast you spin the stylus sets how fast you go when you press a right on the D pad. Like any new control method there is a learning curve. I’m sure there will be very intuitive control setups in future games

  6. How the hell is the DS silly and akward? If by “Silly and akward” you mean “Awesome,” then yes. It’s about as silly and akward as Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction.

  7. What about his performance in Revenge of the Sith? Isn’t that silly and akward? lol

  8. “What” ain’t no system I’ve ever heard of! They speak Galactic Basic in What?

  9. The system should do even better when Nintendogs comes out; More girls will definitely buy and more girls is a great thing…

  10. Hey, the Titanic strategy, cool effects and stuff chicks want! amazing. Is the DS the Titanic of game systems? Ehhh well maybe not but it is trying to take the same strategy by making a product that most everyone wants to try at least once or twice. hehe. 😉

  11. Well, I did NOT want to try Titanic…
    But I had to 🙁
    Great strategy, the girls love it and force all the boys to love it, so everyone loves it 😉
    Well I think the DS is not the Titanic of game systems, but NintenDogs probably is the Titanic of handheld games at the moment….
    Let’s just hope the girls also buy some DSs and don’t steal their boyfriend’s DSs……
    I have to hide mine before my girlfriend finds out 😉 when shea read a review of the Japanese version, she was like:” Ohh those dogs are cute… are you going to get that game ?”
    Just what happened with Sims 2… 🙁

  12. s/girlfriend/sister/

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