DS MP3 player in October?

Several gaming sites are reporting that Nintendo is adding MP3 functionality to the DS and DS Lite next month. The info comes from an alleged scanned brochure from the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany, which says the add-on will allow the DS to store and play music through SD cards up to 2GB, which holds around 500 tracks. The brochure also says there is a choice of different skins, including a Mario one, and a headphone port. Allegedly, it will be released in Europe on October 8th for 29.99 Euros, which is about 38 U.S. dollars. It is said it will be packaged with the upcoming browser software. Keep in mind that none of this is confirmed, but that hasn’t stopped the image from making its rounds on the Net (after all, this is the year for Nintendo rumors).

Japan has already seen Play-yan and Play-yan micro, which can play MP3 and video files on the Gameboy Advance (and is also compatible with the Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Micro). Combine this with Opera, and it appears the DS’s functionality is getting ready to match the PSP’s at a cheaper price. Hopefully, we’ll get some info soon about U.S. plans and confirmation on whether this brochure is legit.

Are you excited about the DS expanding its capabilities? Or do you feel Nintendo should avoid the Sony approach and just stick to what it does best – gaming?