DS Magnet Stand

In order to capitalize on the sucess of “Talking DS Cooking Navi” and its upcoming sequel “Healthy Assistance Recipe 1000: DS Complete Menu (which focuses more on nutrition than the previous cooking game)”, Nintendo is releasing a new stand accessory for the DS that will let you stand the DS up on your kitchen counter or magnetize it to your fridge. Since both cooking games are touch-free once you’re in recipe mode, this device allows you to see your DS easier when you’re using it to cook in a cramped kitchen space. The stand slides into your DS’s GBA slot and seems to be only constructed for use with the DS Lite. The device will cost 1200 yen (probably $9.99 if it’s ever released state side), and it will be released in Japan on December 7th to coincide with the release of “Health Assistance Recipe 1000.”