Sony Says Nintendo Is Always A Competitor

Sony Says Nintendo Is Always A Competitor

With the announcement that a future software update will allow the Vita to become a controller for the PS3 (similar to the Wii U Gamepad), Sony also admitted that Nintendo will always be a competitor.  However, Jim Ryan, Chief Executive of PlayStation, also stated that the DS and Vita are two different devices that can live in harmony, side by side.

“I think the gaming offerings of 3DS and Vita are so different right now that I think there’s plenty of space for both systems to live side by side quite happily.”

“I think over time that the PlayStation Vita will – like all consoles to – skew to a younger demographic, so there will be some collision there.”

Now, Jim Ryan seems to be directing most of his focus on the Ds/Vita aspect of the business, but it is obvious that Sony is trying to use the Vita as an all around device to be used with the PS3, but is it too soon?  Either way, of the big three, only Sony and Nintendo have handhelds, so it is obvious that Nintendo will always be competition with Sony, at least until/if Microsoft releases one.

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Do you think that Sony has jumped the gun with their software update, or do you think that their use of the Vita as a PS3 controller was a smart move?  What about their thoughts on living in harmony with the 3DS for the time being, are they just trying to ease their minds, or hide their downfalls?

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