Skate coming to Wii in 2008, looks really good

Electronic Arts has announced Skate It for Wii and DS, a spin-off game of Skate released for Xbox 360 and PS3 last fall. The game will ship later this year, feature a “migrated” graphics (480p wide), physics, and audio engine from the original game, and support the balance board! EA’s Scott Blackwood explains the decision of a spin-off:

We know a growing number of gamers have more than one next-gen system and we wanted to make sure that skate fans who have already played Skate got a new, quality skateboarding experience re-imagined for their other favorite game systems”¦ much like what the team sought to accomplish on the other gaming systems. It gave us a whole new challenge to take on and the opportunity to turn up the good even further.

Skate was the most innovative traditionally controlled games released last year. Not only that, but the dual thumbstick controls effectively reproduced the feeling of skating. Here’s hoping EA is just as successful in mapping convincing controls to the Wii remote/nunchuck and balance board.

Having loved the first game, I’m really looking forward to this.