DS Browser Details

An inquisitive Infendo reader contacted Opera for more details on their upcoming DS browser. Opera, well on the cluetrain, responded with the following direct, explicit information:

  • Will not support Java applets, Adobe Flash or PDF formats
  • Two browsing modes: fit to width and DS mode
  • Zoom
  • Bookmarks
  • Handwriting – write in the URL rather than type
  • Runs on reg DS and DS Lite

With features like these, the DS might become my favorite web browsing appliance.

Thanks Fuzz!


  1. For the last 6 months I’ve been looking for an easy way to have Internet access from anywhere in my house and I was looking more and more at some small portable PC…

    This will be my answer!

    Touch-screen navigation will be my new way to surf!

  2. Sounds great but would love java…need to be able to check my fantasy sports stats among other java items

  3. Ya, I was hoping for Java, that’s why I emailed them. It would have been nice to be able to control my PC via VNC(uses Java) from anywhere. And playing flash

  4. To finish that thought . .

    Playing flash games on the DS woulda been sort of cool. You could then make your own and put them on a website . . . but alas . . . no luck there.

  5. thank GOD gmail has an html version.

  6. as long as it has javascript it will be all good.

  7. Java applets… no javascript

    gmail works perfect because use only javascript.

    This opera is excelent with many websites with AJAX…

    And a clever strategy flash its droped, no free games, only browse the web.

  8. I can’t wait to see all the exploits that come up because of this.

  9. No Java or Flash? I guess it’ll be good for getting some static information in a pinch, or maybe checking email.

    It sure would be cute as hell to watch Strong Bad emails on at DS, though.

    *goes back to obsessing about Chibi-Robo*

  10. java applets and javascript are two different things.

  11. Well if the browser cartridge is plugged into the DS slot, there won’t be those kind of exploits where you have blank (well, filled with illegal roms) cartridges in the DS.

    And quite frankly, anyone who pirates on a handheld is a f#ckwit. You don’t know the purpose of handheld gaming and certainly don’t deserve to be playing it.

  12. well this is perfect for me. I always have to wait for my siste to stop using the pc to check infendo and the like. Now I can the Ds (if I can make my other sister stop playing Mario Kart).

  13. You just gotta show your sisters who’s boss. My advice: smash them in the face a couple times, and then hang them from the cieling by their toes for a couple weeks. That’ll make a believer out of ’em.

  14. What he said

  15. man…remember when you where young and wanted to play nintendo but your older bro was an asshole?

    have a heart. Use the dragon kick to the chest. Face bashing is so midevil.

  16. So does this mean no nintendo.com in it’s beautiful flashness? I mean it sounds kinda funny that their own site would be hampered with this “browser”.

  17. I’m sure nintendo will have a DS Nintendo Online homepage that can only be seen on your ds.

    No talk of downloading demos.


  18. Anyone say opera for revolution?

    its the first choice with this partnership

  19. It’s MACROMEDIA Flash, not Adobe flash

  20. ha. Macromedia is a part of Adobe Systems since a few months ago.

  21. Dragon Kick? Don’t you think that’s a little… Harsh?

  22. Yup! Adobe bought macromedia months ago. Adobe Flash does not have the same ring to it though…

    All hail the DS web browser, shame about the lack of java/flash but I’m sure we’ll all get by.

  23. Woah, nintendo was just playing around with sony. now nintendo is starting a chain of 1000 hit combos!!! hey im a sony fan but i know when their beat.the DS is totaling the PSP oh yeah u can download selected demos from the DS web browser. i think its from the browser.

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