Perrin Kaplan on Wi-Fi Commercial

Perrin Kaplan, VP of NOA talks with about the new Wi-Fi DS commercial. Nothing new but still an interesting read. Can’t wait…

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  1. Hi there, is just wanted to point out that her name is Perrin Kaplan, not Perry Kaplan (you’re not the first to make that mistake ;)). Anyways, I really enjoy the blog. You provide a great news source, keep up the good work!

  2. Corrected. Thanks JeroenR.

  3. Pretty interesting…
    Though I don’t like the way “mass-media” talks about the DS and the “mini-wonder” by Sony. They describe the PSP as a small wonder and then let it sound as if Nintendo did a big mistake not pushing the Wi-Fi capability of the DS.
    BUT Wi-Fi isn’t new to portable gaming. The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is ! Nintendo saw the close proximity Wi-Fi as a standard feature, but the NWFC 😉 is a completely new product.
    “Mass”-media ignores that imho.

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