Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze given solid release date of Feb. 21

We’ve known for a while now that Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze would be coming sometime in February. Now the Wii U title has been confirmed on Nintendo’s official site for release on February 21st, in both North America and Europe.

February is set to be an exciting month for North American fans: Bravely Default finally hits on the 7th, with Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy coming on the 28th.



In addition to being a girl gamer, Holly prides herself on being a red-head. Consequently, the blue shell in the Mario Kart series is her natural enemy. Don't worry, though: she still loves Mario Kart and is very good, despite the occasional blue shell-sabotaged race. Like any Nintendo fan, Holly also loves Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, name it. But she'll try just about anything (besides horror games) and has a soft spot for unique, little-known rhythm games like Rhythm Heaven and Samba de Amigo. NNID: Aeroweth


  1. I really hope this game helps push Wii U sales and is the high quality Retro always delivers.

  2. Really looking forward to this one. Donkey kong country is one of my favourite games for the wii, and this looks to be as good as country. But l must admit, that after world 6, DKC was very hard… or maybe my reflexes are not as good as they used to be:-)

  3. I wonder if this will be there will be one more DKC game after this, thus creating a second trilogy to compliment the original trilogy.

  4. I really like the Donkey Kong Country title for the Wii, but as Dienman says, it gets difficult near the later stages. But I guess getting older is to blame. I can’t recall having much difficulty playing these games (like the original DKC on SNES) when I was younger. Getting older takes away some of your gaming skills, one way or another 🙂

  5. Wondering – for those saying DKC for Wii was hard – are you saying too hard?

    Yes, it did get pretty hard, but beating that game still felt like a great accomplishment. First time I fought the final boss I thought “this is impossible”, but eventually you get the hang of it.

  6. No, not too hard, but harder than most games coming out these days. That and my gaming skills went a bit downhill. I’m guessing my age has something to do with it. 🙂

    Still a great game, had a lot of fun with it.

  7. I loved the difficulty though. It game me some validation as a gamer. I assume everyone likes to read my words as much as I do, so let me explain.

    I have a few friends that are big Call of Duty fans. I only play with them on rare occasions, and both have an XBox 360. I’ve never owned anything but Nintendo so obviously I’m at a huge disadvantage since (1) I don’t play those games and (2) I’m not used to that controller.

    So I typically get my ass handed to me, but I don’t care because I know I’m the better gamer anyway. My argument is that if I really cared about their opinion I’d but the system and game, practice, then rip them multiple new orifices every time we played. Their argument is that I only play on a kiddie system, so what do I know.

    The one has a Wii for his kids, and bought DKC out of nostalgia. Both played the original DKC games, so both of them played it and really enjoyed it. But they didn’t beat it. So not only did I rub it in that I beat it, I worked to get all the letters and puzzle pieces and open up mirror mode, to further rub it in.

    I’m not saying all CoD players aren’t real gamers, but if all you can do is a FPS, there’s tons of stuff you can’t do.

    Beating Rayman Origins was not easy either. Games like that can be frustrating, but the satisfaction level is very high.

  8. When I first started blogging back in 2011, I decided the same thing: the gamer who plays the greatest variety of games and genres has the most fun! There is always so much to discover in this industry. I grew up on Mario and Zelda for the most part, but I tried out Metroid, got into RPGs and more when I started my first Nintendo blog.

    Through it all, I’ve discovered I like games that challenge my mind more than my reflexes, but I still play anything I can get my hands on. 🙂

  9. Anyway, l think its gonna be a hard game to beat, but as a platform-player l cant wait. Strangly DKC probably gave me most grey hair on the wii:-) and its still the game lm really looking foreward to.

  10. Reflexes do slow over time, but with repetition you can usually conquer anything. Unless it’s boring – I found Zelda II to be insanely boring so I gave up on that one.

    @Holly – for mind games, which do you mean? I love the Layton series but haven’t tried others.

  11. Zelda’s a big one. Puzzle games like Pushmo, Dr. Mario, Tetris. RPGs that involve more strategy than button-mashing. Professor Layton.

    I know you can’t exactly call all of these “mind games,” but as long as the experience is less about reflexes and more about thought or strategy, I tend to like it.

  12. Ok, I agree though. The examples you gave definitely challenge the mind. Even the Zelda boss battles are more about strategy than button mashing.

    RPG’s are fun too. Not sure about Bravely Default yet, but I might download the demo today and see what the fuss is about.

  13. I’ve played the demo for more than 7 hours, and I’m still not done with it. For a mere demo, that is impressive. It’s a good way to get acquainted with the game’s mechanics in preparation for the full version. I pre-ordered the collector’s edition and can’t wait for it to come!