Disaster: Day of Crisis in America – why the heck not?

Here's a Start screen you'll probably never see.

Infendo reader Bill sent a query to Nintendo of America asking if there’s a future for Disaster: Day of Crisis in North America.  He even suggested that they make it a WiiWare title now that Wii can handle 32GB SDHC cards.  Their response was typical “thank you for contacting us, blah blah” stuff.  It confirmed what I was thinking .. despite it not being up there in quality with games like Super Mario Galaxy, why shouldn’t Nintendo of America release it here?

There are so many budget games out there that are low-budget games that people still buy up.  Look at any New Game Get post and you’ll see what I mean.)  Nintendo put out the cheap, but fun budget title Endless Ocean a few years ago and it didn’t ruin their budget’s bottom line.  Nintendo of America has a unique position.  They have the number one home and handheld systems, both of which make a profit on initial sale.  A game like Disaster that is already completed and translated into English.  What is stopping them from putting it out with a minimal amount of promotion and just getting the game into the hands of die-hard Nintendo fans?  Would you buy it?  Euro-Infendo readers: have you played it?