Disappointing Wii U Launch?

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Activision Blizzard chief executive Bobby Kotick is not very happy with the Wii U Launch.  His reasoning?  He is concerned over the install base and the challenges of the environment.

“We were somewhat disappointed with the launch of the Wii U, and I think it’s a challenging environment this year. And one of the things we are concerned about is what the installed base of hardware will be like for 6- to 11-year-olds. But we have a lot of confidence in the [Skylanders] franchise for the long-term. I think we’re delivering another great product this year.”

He is not necessarily alone.

I have heard from, and read about many Wii U owners begin upset over issues that are easily resolved with an update.  Items such as slow load times, Mii Verse friend request blocks for those under 12, Poor battery life on Game Pad, etc…  These are easily fixed.  However, not necessarily a top priority.  The slow load times are annoying, but remember the transition between day and night in Simon’s Quest?  That was annoying, and unfix-able.  As for the friends request block for those under twelve, I am actually okay with this.  As a parent, I am glad that Nintendo has taken steps to protect kids.  I do think, though, that they should implement a way for the parents to decide whether or not their twelve year old should accept someone as a friend.  The battery life issue can be solved with an extended life battery kit.  I would bet that our wait will not be long for it.

Some other disappointing factors are the lack of highly anticipated games.  A new Zelda, etc…  To me, the lack of “wanted” games is not an issue.  If we got everything we wanted at launch, what would we play in the future?  Not to mention that we are getting not only one new Zelda, but two!

I feel that the Wii U has been unfairly targeted.  I am very happy with the console, and the games we received.  Sure, the Gamepad battery life may be short, but with my busy schedule I can live with it for now.  I can’t remember the last time I could actually sit still for 3-4 hours to play a game.  But overall, I am very happy with it.

I do have a concern over the developers that have decided to port the reportedly exclusive Wii U games to other console (EX: Rayman Legends).  I understand that they are in the business to make money.  Porting the games to other consoles equals more opportunity for profits.  The issue I have is that there are fewer reasons to buy one particular console.  If I already have a Xbox 360, and I know that Rayman will arrive there, I have no reason to spend the money on the Wii U, and the game.  I guess it is the retro gamer in me that wishes for more console exclusive franchises to bring some segregation to the consoles.

We must also keep in mind that not all of the delays, issues, etc, are Nintendo’s fault.  Let’s look at Rayman for a moment.  Sure, it is being delayed.  But we are still getting it.  It is not Nintendo’s fault for the delay.  I would guess that Nintendo is just as upset over the delay as we are.

I know that everyone has their opinions about the launch.  Personally, I am okay with delays, tweaks, etc…  In the end, it gives us something greater than what we would have had if it was rushed.  Many of you have shared your opinions before, but where do you place your disappointment, on the Developers, Nintendo, etc?  Or, like me, are you okay with the wait and tweaks?


Now, for something that was REALLY Disappointing!  For you iPhone owners out there, be sure to check the app Store for the 8-Bit Pocket Camera.  The Gameboy Camera clone is sure to bring back the memories of the grainy pics that were fun for a day, then made you wonder why you wasted money on such a horrible item.  If you download the app (And waste $0.99), be sure to post a pic on the Infendo facebook page!


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