Digital Life Impressions

As most of you know, Digital Life was held all throughout last weekend. Essentially it’s the poor man’s tech and game exhibit. Here’s some highlights:

The DS demos were hard to find because Nintendo was doing a cross promotion section that was hidden near the back. Super Mario Strikers was the game that got itself a crowd here. It is a fantastically fun arcadey soccer game, exactly as I wanted it to be. It’s a title proving that that Nintendo knows how to make games that everyone can enjoy. Dance Dance Mario Mix was also on display, with two dance mats. I’ve never played Dance Dance before so my junk was promptly handed to me, but I had fun. Mario Kart was so wonderfully reminiscent of the GameCube game with its speed, steering, and presentation. I think it’ll definitely be the best Kart thus far.

The show was far from good, but there were good points. Mario Kart, Strikers, Shoe from EGM, and Guitar Hero (stole the show) were all good. Microsoft’s clear fumbling of what they’re calling a launch wasn’t so pretty, but some people will eat it up. I didn’t even go the next day so if you weren’t there, you really didn’t miss much. It wasn’t a gaming event, it was a marketplace that wasn’t selling anything.

[by Rollin]