How to change a name in Minecraft

How to change a name in Minecraft

Well, hello there! We are guessing that you are wondering how to change your player name in your most favorite game – Minecraft! Are we hitting the spot? Well, if so, then this is the most perfect place for you to learn all the things concerning a character name in Minecraft. Oh, and if you want to get yourself a makeover, then head over to skins4minecraft to have even more fun that you can possibly imagine! Shall we start?

Okay, so how do you actually change a username in Minecraft? In order for the procedure to work as swiftly as possible, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1. Head on over to the mojang website and enter your account details into the appropriate fields (p. s. the details would be your email address and a password).

Step 2. Locate your Minecraft profile name. Once you have found that, hit the “Change” button.

Step 3. Create and then type in your new glamorous name. Once you are happy with what you have, confirm the applied changes by typing in your password once again.

Step 4. Once all that is done and dusted, press the “Change name” button in order to save the changes. Easy!

We also thought that you might need a bit of help with some other questions we have been getting for quite a while. So here goes a FAQ!

I have an issue with my Minecraft account. Can you help me out?

We can give you a piece of advice, yes. However, we are not official Minecraft representatives or the game developers and we simply might not be aware of some of the more technical stuff. Please try contacting the Minecraft support on their official website if you don’t get your question answered here.

How often can a username in Minecraft undergo a change?

Your Minecraft name can only be changed once in every 30 days.

Where does my old username go after a change and when it becomes available for me to snatch again?

Once you change your old profile name to a new one, the old one becomes free for the other users to take, yet if they don’t do so, you can switch back to it after 30 days. Everybody else in the game has to wait for the whole 37 days before they can switch to your old name.

What the bloody hell is a UUID?

Well, UUID stands for Universally Unique Identifier. If you have a Minecraft account, then you have your personal UUID. The UUID for a certain Minecraft account can never change. A UUID allows the developers to track every player and make sure that bans, ranks and all that stuff remains with the user even after they decide to switch their name to something else.

Will my user history be removed if I change a username in Minecraft?

The Mojang people say that it is their great intention to remain previous usernames as seen, and they have provided us with a way that allows the public the access to all the data. That means that all the profile name information is not going to be removed in any way.

So that’s it! We really hope you have enjoyed this little post on some of the most frequently asked questions regarding a username in the game of Minecraft. If so, then do share what you have learned with everyone you know – we are sure they need it!