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Virtual Console tipsIt Came From the Infendo Forums….! Bwah!

Ejamer says:

(1) Did you know there is a “maximum number of points” you can hold on your Wii system? Apparently, the limit sits comfortably at 10,000 point (or $100). One of the warnings on the back of a Wii Points Card clearly states that there is a limit.

(2) Giving and recieving Virtual Console (VC) game is easy, but there are some odd limitations. Why did they restrict gifts to people living in the same country? Luckily you can just adjust the country setting for your Wii before sending or receiving, and then change back after downloading the game. (Thanks to Alucard for helping me figure out how this works, and testing the process.)

(3) Soldier Blade for the TG-16 is awesome. For anyone who missed out on this title, it’s easily worth the $6. StarTropics, on the otherhand, just doesn’t live up to the nostalgia… it’s ok, but not great.

I didn’t know that, so I posted it (especially number 2). Good to know. Ejamer is currently leading a discussion related to this topic in the Infendo Forums today, so check it out for more.