Detective Conan DS downloadable at Puroland theme park

ds_model.jpgWhile watching a morning exercise program (okay I won’t lie it was actually part of the Hello Kitty show) that involved a bunch of tired looking children and someone dressed as Hello Kitty dancing and running in place, there was an unexpected commercial break to talk about some new attractions at Puroland (the Hello Kitty theme-park). The gist of the commercial was that there were to be a number of attractions featuring kid-detective Conan from his well known anime series (often called “Case Closed” in the states.”) One of the attractions listed in the commercial featured a DS and so I thought it would be something along the lines of Nintendo’s Shigureden Museum, where patrons are handed a special DS to be used for a certain portion of the exhibit. At the end of the commercial, however, a person in a Conan suit pointed at the me, and demanded that I bring my very own DS to Puroland.
I tried to tell him I’d left the DS in LA last week and was waiting for my parents to mail it to me, but the commercial had ended. I decided to look online for more information and while scant on the actual game content, the official site does say you will be able to download the game “Detective Conan: Kitty no Namida wo Sagase! (Find Kitty’s Tears!)” if you bring your DS. Not only that, but if you don’t have a DS and the Puroland commercial didn’t convince you to immediately run out and buy one, then you can borrow one from the park for free as long as you leave your credit-card as collateral. Of course free download or not, you still have to pay the park Â¥4,400 just to get in, so unless you’re a big Conan and/or Kitty fan, you might want to save the money and buy yourself a DS game that doesn’t delete itself when you turn off the system!