Deep E3 thoughts: Natal will probably never come out

microsoft_surfaceBy this time tomorrow night, the mainstream gaming press will likely be heralding the end of Nintendo’s long reign of terror, courtesy of Microsoft’s “revolutionary” Natal camera stick. The Nintendo presser? “Lame,” they’ll say, chortling about Cammie Dunaway or some other such extraneous nonsense.

And in one year’s time, gaming will look incredibly different than it does today. I agree.

But peering into my crystal ball, it’s not dancing Milo freak children lying about their homework that I see. Nope. It’s MotionPlus. 1:1 swordfights. Accurate sword fights, mind you. Ones that don’t require you remain fixed in the center of the room. Oh, and that’s Surface there in the image. Another high-priced MS marketing project whose life will, in two years time, uncannily resemble Natal’s. Just my opinion, of course. Not like I’ve ever been right with these crazy predictions before or anything.

And yes. This post was completely predictable coming from me. Kind of like Microsoft descending from the heavens today claiming they saved gaming with a motion controls “revolution.”