Deep blue thoughts

SonicIf developers today really cared about the consumer—nay, the gamer—there’d be a 2D NEW Sonic the Hedgehog title on the Wii, complete with mass marketing and viral advertising, akin to what Nintendo did with NEW Super Mario Bros Wii.

Just Sonic vs. Doctor Robotnik. No voice acting and no filler. No experimenting. No worthless online features or over-hyped, under-delivering multiplayer modes. I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Sonic was never about kissing or dialog or exploring Egyptian ruins. It was about mindless speed and not being able to tell what was happening on the screen.

The Genesis vs. Super Nintendo “battle” in the 1990s sold systems, plain and simple. A resurgent Mario vs. Sonic battle would sell some more—and I’m not talking about some insipid Olympic Winter Games mini-game collection. And no, Sega, MadWorld 2 is not the answer I’m looking for.