Decorate Your Wii U With These Retro Skins

Now you can retrofit (see what I did there?) your Wii U console and the GamePad with an NES skin provided by the fine folks at DecaGirl. The skins retail at $19.99 and look quite sleek and nicely designed for a product that has seemingly become popular within the tablet and smart phone community. Considering the Wii U is designed with a fingerprint-absorbant glossy finish, these NES-inspired skins may have some use to keep our consoles from becoming a gray mess.

4 Responses to Decorate Your Wii U With These Retro Skins

  1. Hot D0g Truck says:

    Mmmm. Very cool 🙂

  2. wakko1337 says:

    This would look like crap on the basic bundle though, with the white buttons and sticks.

    Also, as someone who had a rubber cover over his Classic Controller for a while and took it off recently to find it COVERED IN STICKY STUFF FROM THE COVER, I feel like this will do the same. Sure, it’s easy to clean, but I’d rather not put adhesive on my smooth controller and console…

  3. wakko1337 says:

    Oh, wait. I totally misread. It’s a finished skin and not some stickers like I’ve been seeing…totally take my comment back!

  4. Batmyke says:

    There’s also this design:

    Personally I prefer the first one (pictured in the post).

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