Could A New F-Zero Be In The Works?



Twitterer @rayquaza3010 sent a simple tweet to @shinegames, probably not expecting a response, stating that he would like them to develop F-Zero for Wii U.  However, Shine Games did respond with, “something in the works”.  Could this mean that a new F-Zero is in the works, or were they just hinting that they do have a project in the works?  A later tweet stated, “We will reveal a new Wii U game later this year, well even too games ;)”  ( I am assuming that should be “two”).

Now, this could just be a case of a misinterpreted tweet, but would you be excited about a new F-Zero?



Also, I would like to wish the love of my life,  my Wife,  a very happy birthday!


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  1. old…. as hell.

  2. You are correct, the original tweet is 8 days old, and the response is 7 days old. However, rather than reporting immediately and having them deny an F-Zero game a day later, I decided to wait before posting. There are still conversations on their twitter continuing today (@shinengames) building excitement for two new game releases, and an F-Zero title has not been denied. During the last few days, they quickly denied a release of Nano Assault EX on the Australian eShop. Since they have not denied an F-Zero after one week, and continue to build excitement about 2 new future releases, I thought it was a good time to post. Although it could still be filed under the “misread” info category, it is interesting nonetheless.

  3. Well, their FAST Wiiware racing game was really good, probably the best racing game on Wii.
    It also reminded me of Fzero, sure.
    But a new fzero should be something huge, I can see SEGA, or RETRO putting their energy and budget behind such a big franchise, but not a small studio like shinen, even though their track record is really good.
    Especially since their are working on two games, I don’t see how could they develop something as massive as Fzero and still have some spare man power to dedicate to another game.
    So I’d say is definitely a no.

  4. @Arm73

    I WOULD agree IF the statement “we have something in the works” wasn’t literally in response to someone saying they wanted an F-Zero game for Wii U.