Confirmed: TP works with Rev

The British Gaming Blog has come to save us from the constant back-and-forth between ambiguous, official Nintendo word and fan speculation– Twilight Princess will work with the Revolution’s controller.

After kinda dismissing NGC’s old Twilight Princess/Rev story a few months back, it seemed as if Nintendo and magazines were at odds. Now, Shigeru ‘Don’t-call-me-Sir’ Miyamoto had these words for Nintendo Europe:

What’s the latest on Twilight Princess?
“I would say that we are progressing well with completing it,” says Miyamoto. “And one of the most important features is that, because Revolution can run GameCube software, when you play Twilight Princess on Revolution you can take advantage of the Revolution controller.”



  2. uh huh…If it was April 1st….

    I don’t know…this has the smell of lost in translation all over it…

  3. I’d be more thrilled if they gave us a release date. YEESH!

    Actually, it would be funny if they reveal that all the GameCube games from the last year or two have secret features laying dormant, waiting for the Revolution.

  4. I think I mentioned this in a previous comment, but, oh well:

    I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to map all the controls of any GameCube game onto the Rev controller when playing them there… in some cases it may be awkward, but the joystick directions should be mapped onto the Rev’s controller movements when playing a GC game in the Rev, no?

  5. hmmm, 4 words


  6. Confirmed, denied, confirmed, denied…

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  7. I agree with the above Anonimous, they have confirmed and denied too many times. I’ll only believe it when it is spoken to a lot of journalists in the middle of a conference.

    But I hope it is true, it would be really cool 😀

  8. Some of you guys need to get a grip. SERIOUSLY.

    You guys sound like those dorks who just wouldn’t believe the Xbox 360 was in-fact, going to be called…the Xbox 360 – even though all the signs (from the development community and elsewhere) pointed to that fact. Or those saps who thought Sony were poised to make a secret announcement for a surprise launch of PS3 in the summer – even though all signs pointed to a significant delay (now confirmed).

    NGC mag all but confirmed Rev controller functionality in TP. Notice how Nintendo said it was all speculation at this point but did not deny it. Reggie also went as far as words would permit in hinting at rev controller functionality without actually confirming it. Now we have it confirmed from Miyamoto himself.

    Just what will it take for some people to see the bleedin’ obvious?
    Some of you guys still wouldn’t believe this story even if that Revmote was rammed up your ass!

  9. a previous gen launch title…has that ever benn done?

  10. Good lord, mis. Get over yourself and take a freaking chill pill. Before you write another post like that, take 5 and ask yourself… “Is this REALLY worth getting this worked up over?”

    Excuse the rest of us for being skeptical and not INSTANTLY BELIEVING every single stupid rumor that flies around the videogame world. PLENTY of things that Nintendo “confirmed” before (like Twilight Princess’s original release date) have changed… so we have every right in the world to be suspicious.

  11. Release dates might as well be classified as rumors the day they’re announced then, according to that logic. Release dates are always subject to change, no matter who sets them. When else has something officially confirmed been renegged on?

    I mean, Reggie, ok he’s marketing. Iwata, fine, he can change his mind. But Shiggs? He’s the only one of the talking heads who’s actually involved with this game! If you don’t believe his word, whose will you?

  12. I guess you all don’t remember the “confirmation” of the Rev stand also being a power supply in the official UK Nintendo magazine, which Nintendo later denied.

    If official, Nintendo-sanctioned sources are not to be believed (which apparently they aren’t if they retract an announcement like that so quickly) then I don’t know what is.

    All I’m saying is a) mis needs to freaking chill out, and b) I’m taking “confirmations” regarding the Revolution with a grain of salt these days. It’s my choice, and it’s not the end of the world.

  13. Looks like Miyamoto had one too many from the knighting after party! lol

    Now if only we could make Iwata take a few glasses of wine we wouldn’t have to wait till E3!

  14. Well, it’s only a week until GDC, so hopefully we’ll be talking about something official next Thursday!

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