Wii Sports Golf is growing on me

Though Bowling, Tennis, and Baseball are still my favorites, in that order, Wii Sports Golf has really grown on me and perhaps will soon surpass one of the others in terms of enjoyment. Golf, along with boxing, always felt “too” disconnected from the real deal, especially the latter. However, once I stopped treating the first like a real game of golf, I started having a blast and continue to do so.

I still use full motions standing up, but have relaxed my swing significantly. With putting, I just push the club forward since the Wiimote isn’t precise enough in sensing the real life tapping required to make short puts in the real world. It’s far from the mechanics of real putting, but it’s so much better and “new” than just hitting a button, especially when you sink the shot. Maybe the fleeting enjoyment of boxing stands a sustainable chance after all?