CONFIRMED: Smash Bros Brawl is online!

smashbroswifiloading.jpgThe Smash Bros Dojo officially confirms that online multiplayer will be available for Super Smash Bros Brawl.  You can play with friends you know or ‘anyone’ in a random bout.  The random battles will not be ranked and you will not know the names of your opponents.

Other features revealed are:

  • in-game taunts can be pre-programmed and triggered using the + Control Pad
  • a Sandbag punching minigame to play while waiting for online games to start
  • the ability to change the icon that represents you (even using your Mii)

The site also teases us by saying there will be a number of other services that make use of Wi-Fi with more news to come.

With just over ten weeks until the game is released and more information still coming, is Brawl shaping up to be everything you hoped for?