Concept designs of Infendo’s unreleased console leaked to internet

In a corporate debacle of elephantine proportions, images of Infendo’s unreleased 2D console controller leaked to the internet today, brining the information superhighway to its knees.

“Who knew there was this much interest in the horse and buggy of console gaming,” said world wide web creator Tim Berners-Lee, in reaction to the event. “Anyways, isn’t this thing like vaporwear?” he added.

Whether it is or not, intricate prototype designs surfaced only hours ago, showing a high tech controller, replete with d-pad, two action buttons, and the removal of the useless select button in favor of a single start or “begin” button. 

“The console may or may not have shoulder buttons,” a source close to the Wire Service said. “And I think holding the start or menu button for a second or two bypasses the pause screen and sends the player to a universal menu screen. It’s pretty state of the art.”

Unsurprisingly, Infendo officials were not immediately available for comment, and did not return request to verify additionally imagery, or if the console would exclusively play downloaded games.

Stay tuned, this is a developing story…

(above courtesy Infendo reader Milom)

Courtesy Infendo reader Margaret

Unknown source

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