Competition Citing

[NOTE: The following post is merely an attempt to study Nintendo’s two biggest competitors. No potshots were intended as all three systems have an uphill battle to wage in the coming year.]

Business 2.0’s latest November issue has an excellent article on Nintendo’s two biggest competitors, Microsoft and Sony. The piece mainly focuses on Microsoft’s Peter Moore and his strategy to dominate the console market but it also sheds light on BillSoft’s and Sony’s attempt to turn game consoles into media/pc centers (I.E. can you start my oven Mr. console while I play Zelda?). Convergence aside, it’s a pretty arrogant and lofty goal that could alienate both consoles’ core user base of, you guessed it, gamers.

The only beef I have with the editorial is in the limited number of Nintendo references. No, this didn’t offend me as a Mario enthusiast, it was just poor reporting. Anyone would be foolish to discredit the father of the consumer video games industry. Sure the lack of publicity may hurt Nintendo’s next-gen efforts, but if Microsoft and Sony continue to put aside Nintendo as a competitor in the coming year, they could be up against the next DS in the form of the Revolution. Didn’t see that coming did you?

[Source: Business 2.0]