Capcom: Resident Evil 5 “possible” on Wii. Infendo: “No thanks’We don’t care about boring sequels”


Some Capcom dude has been quoted as saying that Resident Evil 5 is “possible” on Wii. Still, it “isn’t likely,” he says. Were he talking about a game of consequence, say Capcom’s excellent Resident Evil 4, I would be saddened by the statement. But he’s not talking about a game of consequence. He’s talking about a clunky controlled, out of touch Resident Evil game that takes place in the light of day (not scary). A sequel that has no soul if there ever was such a thing. No thanks. Say “hi” to Mega Man for though, m’kay, Capcom?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: And yes, I played the game for an hour and a half on release before forming the above opinion.