Can You Imagine A World Where Kids Don’t Know What Nintendo Is?


That title might seem like a horrible thing to ask a Nintendo fanpage.  According to Technology blogger John Gruber, the question might just be valid.  He believes that many children would rather grab an iPad than a 3DS (Obviously evident by the sales-sarcasm intended).

“A kid asking “What’s a Nintendo?” may sound preposterous to the ears of an adult weaned on Mario and Zelda, but trust me, put an iPad Mini and a 3DS on a table next to each other, and most kids today will reach, if not jump, for the iPad. If you don’t see that as an existential threat for Nintendo, there’s nothing I can say that will change your mind. A Nintendo that doesn’t make games for iOS is a Nintendo that doesn’t reach today’s kids; a Nintendo that doesn’t reach today’s kids is a Nintendo with no future.”

I have a hard time believing his observation.  Maybe it is just me, and I love mobile/handheld games, but there are too many distractions when it comes to an iPad, Android, etc…  With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other things to take away from the gaming experience, I cannot believe that those devices have actually achieved legitimate gaming status.  Sure, they have some great games, but they do not yet match the quality of the dedicated gaming devices.  I know that some of you feel that an iPad and Android are legitimate competition, but what sets them apart?

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