Revolution Tech Demo Pics?

[Update: Fake-ola as proven by Joystiq. How close do you think the actual specs could be to these though?]

Our good friend NeuroMan42 just sent this in. Apparently, CVG has posted some images that are suppose to be from some Japanese Revolution tech demos. Who knows if they’re real or not, but none-the-less, they look really good. Click here to read the story and see the images.

[Source: CVG via NeuroMan]


  1. These pics were proved fake by Joystiq days ago…

  2. I don’t know….they all look so different….
    I think I saw the pic with the rat and the elve-like girl in some German CG-movie….at least she looks like the characters in that movie…

  3. sorry guys. that image was made by Jorge Seva & Sergio Miruri, for a technical gallery of SPLUTTERFISH BRAZIL RENDERER SYSTEMS a advance and powerful render tool for 3dsmax and Maya… all other images linked to a technical demo for revolution belongs to the same gallery… and you can find it here:

    check all the pages..

    plz, stop, make an effort an get a less fake image. or get a real one from revolution, that would be NICE ;D

  4. Damn… after seeing that I had high hopes for Nintendo. Actually, I still do as they never have disappointed me.

  5. I think someone at ATI said the difference in graphics between Xbox360 and the Revolution will be like the difference between the original Xbox and the the Gamecube.

    The New Zelda or Metroid Prime 2 VS
    Halo 2?

    Whos’ got the better graphics?

  6. Well, depends if you call LAAAAGGGG good graphics ;p

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