Charity GET: Kid gives up Wii to foster child

Wii charityWe do a lot of talk about what games and systems we want for ourselves this holiday season — and by that I mean the Infendo community and people in general — so it’s awesome to see examples of people that go out of their way to make sure the less fortunate among us have a great holiday.

Case in point, little Brandyn Waterford, 9, did what many of us would probably deem unthinkable given the scarcity of Wii consoles right now: he gave up his shiny, unopened Wii that his mother had waited in line to get for him for his recent birthday. Nine years old people, and he was still able to do what most adults four times his age would never even dream of doing. Well, at least the ones I’ve had the misfortune of seeing and hearing while out shopping this past weekend anyway.

“I wanted to donate it to the foster care so other kids could have a really special Christmas,” Brandyn Waterford said. “My teacher said foster kids don’t really get toys.” In addition to gifts, Agape Villages hopes to place some foster children in good homes. “I just feel like I’m one of the luckiest dad’s in the world,” Phil Waterford said. “What my son did — I’m really touched by it. It’s not the monetary amount but the thought.”

Not bad, Brandyn, not bad at all. I hope Nintendo sees what he did here and follows suit. You guys out there in the Interweb don’t be shy, either.