Can 3 Survive?

With E3 just around the corner, I’m left pondering if 3 major console makers (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) can all stay in the game. Sony is a sure bet unless they totally blow it with PS3 which is highly unlikely. Microsoft is still loosing billions a year on their Xbox strategy and our vying to overtake Sony. Nintendo is the most cash rich of the three and have quite the cult following despite being a slight 3rd in the US market. All that combined make for an interesting gaming dynamic.

I feel that all three will do well in the next round. For some reason though I believe this next console launch is more critical for Nintendo than the others. I’m routing that the Big N can pull off the upset and keep making great games for their nifty systems. What do you think?


  1. Me too. I’ve been skeptical about Revolution, but after seeing the Xbox 360 special, I have faith that Nintendo will get it right. It’s clear that Microsoft has no idea what I want.

    I just hope that the Revolution knocks me off my feet. Unlike the Xbox 360, it beeds to be introduced with a strong software line-up. Watching Microsoft’s special on M-TV, you would hardly guess that they were making a game system for the amount of games they showed.

  2. Yeah, i really hope they can come through. Xbox 360 give me hope. Now what about this PS3. Stay tuned nicholas, Infendo is sending an informant (Vince) to E3 to catch up on all the hoopla!

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