A New Zelda Game in the Works? Maybe Two!?

According to IGN’s Matt Casamassina after the Nintendo press conference he managed to get a sit down with Shigeru Miyamoto to ask an important question ‘Will there be a new Zelda game anytime soon?’ Apparently there will be (eventually) as Miyamoto confirmed that not only is there one title in the works but two! To see what Miyamoto said hit the jump.

“The Zelda team in particular always works on Zelda titles. The core members of the Zelda team have for a very long time now been focused on Zelda games, and continue to focus on Zelda games, so they are hard at work and working away,”

He then went on to talk about his other Zelda team…

“And then, of course, we have the DS Zelda team as well, so even there we’re having some switching of people in and out where the DS team is mixing in with the Wii team and working on the Wii version.”

Miyamoto also went onto say that there will be some “fundamental changes” something that has been said before around the time of Links Crossbow training. So who knows what we will be seeing in the future, but it’s good to know some titles will be on the way even if it might be a year or three away.

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