Infendo Radio 166 is on NOW!<br><font size=3>“Two Birthdays and a Legend”</font>


infradio166Infendo Radio celebrates the anniversaries of Nintendo’s handheld and home consoles, talks up the future and past of the Legend of Zelda, and explores the true meaning of game-box logos as the host sings a little ditty.  Don’t miss this week’s episode of Infendo Radio!

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  1. Please bring Scott back. Pay him if you have to.

  2. By the way, guys, video games and systems ARE being sold in department stores (e.g., Sears, Kmart, etc.)!

    Their offers are not as compelling as those of the specialized stores, but now and then you can find some really good bargains, especially on older games, but it is sporadic, you need to do some hunting…

  3. Great show as always guys. Glad you are back to closer to an hour than the 30 minute mark.

    Apparently you guys haven’t read the reviews on Tony Hawk Ride, otherwise you would have known that it is the true “Poop on a Stick” for this week.

    And actually the best place to get great video game deals is Toys R Us most of the times. I swear they have Buy 2, Get 1 Free or Buy 1, Get 1 Half off like every other week.

  4. @finland

    Having seen an insider’s look into the amount of work that goes into making what this podcast is astounds me, and I personally give kudos to Sean, Will, and Alexis for what they’ve been doing with this. Is it perfect? No. Are the guys as ridiculous and high energy as Scott Johnson? No. Is the podcast a great source for information and discussion of Nintendo news and culture? Absolutely. The great thing about the internet is that there are enough podcasts that you can listen to what you like, and if you don’t like our show, please accept your refund and be on your way.

    Having said that, constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement are always welcome in our e-mail: