Bomberman Review

The Sun Harold has posted a favorable review of the new Bomberman DS game (8/10). Any owners of the game out there? If so, what do you think of the addition to the series?

007 had nothing on Bomberman. It is and shall remain the de facto mult-player game.

[Source: Sun Harold]


  1. Very bold words there Blake!

    I agree with you most of the way, but I felt Goldeneye has a bit more longevity to it.

    Having said that I’m still playing both of those games, and I’ll probably pick up Bomberman DS over the weekend.

    If you want some kind of review I’d be happy to drop a dime and give you the 411 fo’ sho’!

    Jonic :o)

  2. I knew that comment would get some raised eyebrows. 007 practically invented mult-player shooters and was great, but bomberman is just more my style.

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