“Bob’s Game” Protest Ends

Robert Pelloni announced the end of his 100 day sit-in protest today, leaving his former prison in shambles.  With a toppled desk and chair, drawers, and a seemingly carefully placed computer monitor chair and desk overturned and papers everywhere, the once busy workstation is no more.  In his final post he vents one more quiet frustration at Nintendo, and bemoans the stunt became regarded as some sort of viral ad.

I’ve had enough. I’m ending the protest. I give up on getting the SDK. I really tried my best. Show’s over. It’s just not going to work.

Although Pelloni may feel like a failure now, ending his protest may actually bring him closer to the SDK than he thinks.  Nintendo, after all, is a place of business – they do things in a business-like manner, and protest is not a common or well respected tactic in negotiation.  Unjailed, Pelloni is now free to resume the sort of tactics he should have stuck with in the first place: polite emails, daily phone calls: persistent contact. If 2Dboy, a company of two that started their humble beginnings in a San Francisco coffee shop can get a developer’s license for WiiWare, then Pelloni has a chance.  If Bob can get over the failure of this stunt and keep trying, we may see a DS, DSi, or WiiWare release of Bob’s Game somewhere down the line – if he doesn’t give up.  It’s all in Bob’s hands.

UPDATE: The site received another small update later suggesting that Robert Pelloni’s office was raided by police while he was “faking his own death on webcam.”

Check out the full post over at Bob’s Game.