Bob’s Back, but let’s leave him alone.

After supposedly locking himself in his office, going fake-crazy, and fake-giving up, Robert Pelloni is fake back – but at least “Bob Week” is over.   What first looked like a protest aimed at getting Nintendo to cough up a DS SDK now seems to be the first Chapter of the new hype machine behind “Bob’s Game.”  In the most recent update, Pelloni Challenges “Yuu” to the “First Interdimensional ‘bob’s game’ Championship,” a reference to a plot point revealed in the game’s Trailer.  Sporting a mo-hawk and spiked shoulder pads, Pelloni takes on the role of his own game’s villain.  If he already has a deal with a publisher, developer, or otherwise already has the SDK, this is an interesting and interactive way to hype the game before release.  If no such arrangements have been made, it’s probably suicide.  Either way, you’re sick of reading about it and i’m sick of writing about it – until a real announcement or statement from Nintendo is released, Bob won’t be getting my attention from here on out.

For those of you still interesting in watching Bob’s digital masquerade, head over to Bob’s Game to watch the pre-organized madness unfold.