Humble Indie Bundle – great games, great cause

Do you want some of the best cross-platform indie games out there? Infendo reader Milom tipped us off to the incredible Humble Indie Bundle. Included are:

  • Osmos, which I think you guys already know about! [mentioned on Infendo Radio]
  • Braid, which is a seriously cool, mind bending platformer which allows the player to change the flow of time itself and even to question the meaning of life.
  • Machinarium, a beautiful point and click adventure.
  • Revenge of the Titans, an awesome neony tower defense game.
  • Cortex Command, a fun little RTS game that’s really moddable and has a completely destructable enviroment.

The bundle is worth $85, but you can pay what you want and decide which charities or developers you want to support! Have you picked up this sweet deal?

[Thanks for the tip and game descriptions, Milom!]