Humble Indie Bundle – great games, great cause


Do you want some of the best cross-platform indie games out there? Infendo reader Milom tipped us off to the incredible Humble Indie Bundle. Included are:

  • Osmos, which I think you guys already know about! [mentioned on Infendo Radio]
  • Braid, which is a seriously cool, mind bending platformer which allows the player to change the flow of time itself and even to question the meaning of life.
  • Machinarium, a beautiful point and click adventure.
  • Revenge of the Titans, an awesome neony tower defense game.
  • Cortex Command, a fun little RTS game that’s really moddable and has a completely destructable enviroment.

The bundle is worth $85, but you can pay what you want and decide which charities or developers you want to support! Have you picked up this sweet deal?

[Thanks for the tip and game descriptions, Milom!]


  1. Thanks for blogging about it guys! I’m sure the guys behind the bundle are thankful for the support!

  2. Wow… that’s quite a deal. Thanks for the heads up :]

  3. I got it as soon as I found out a couple days ago. This is a great bundle of games! haven’t quite figured out Cortex Command yet, but all the other games are amazing

  4. Cortex Command is not a complete game, doesn’t have campaign, and have bugs. Revenge of the Titans is awesome!!!!

    I got the bundle on last Thursday after my exam…for a dollar. What? Don’t look at me like that.

  5. @RoyalRook

    Yeah I know CC isn’t complete yet, but damn its sooo complicated though! lol well I’ll figure it out eventually

  6. A game that allows me to question the meaning of life???

    lol nice description.

    Afraid I’m not interested, though… HATE point ‘n clicks, didn’t enjoy Braid, and the other games don’t seem to interest me. That and I’m a console gamer. I don’t allow myself to put games on my computer. : /

  7. @gojiguy
    “I don’t allow myself to put games on my computer. : /”

    D: Not even for charity’s sake???

  8. More like I’ll pirate the hell out of it. It asks me to name my price, and my price is $0.00.

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation is not a charity, it’s a net neutrality and anti-DRM PAC. Might as well donate to Liberals and watch them destroy America more.

  9. @Skotski

    I donate to charity regularily.


    lol. you’re hardcore. And I find it odd that someone who is pirating is pro-DRM.

  10. I’m not pro-DRM. EFF just isn’t a charity.

    And all of these games together doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if I can get it for free. Heck I wanted to pay a penny for it but then an image of some “starved computer programmer” shows up asking for money. B.S. There’s real starving people in the world, and fat-ass basement dwelling programmers aren’t them.

    I didn’t like being guilt-tripped, so I found it on torrent sites, for $0. And no guilt-trip from “starving” programmers who have so far earned $1 million+ for their games on the website.

    Maybe they should be jobless to know what it feels like instead of pretending their existence is anywhere near it.

  11. Guerrilla Nintendo News update!

    3DS Card maker Macronix has been rumor to have stated that theyr 3DS cards can reach a future maximum of 8GB very soon. This makes the potential capacity of 3DS games similar to a DVD9, but at the same time provides many size options for developers to choose on an as-needed basis.

    Capcom announced that Megaman Legends 3 will use their MT Framework for development.

    Kingdom Hearts 3D will be displayed at a special event in Japan on the 18th of January.

    This has been you Guerrilla Nintendo News Update. Now back to our regularly scheduled non-Nintendo Nintendo blog.

  12. @2ndAmendRemedy

    Whats wrong with donating to Child’s Play? you’re a dick if you pirate this and don’t donate to child’s play. you can donate a penny if you want, to buy kids in hospitals some videogames, but you instead pirate it. that is the most selfish thing someone could do. steal from charity

  13. “And all of these games together doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if I can get it for free.”

    That’s an absolutely ridiculous argument. If you look hard enough, you can get any game, movie, or music out there for free. You honestly expect the creators of this content to compete with piracy? They have to charge something, and in this case, the money is going towards a good cause. The fact that you have the audacity to attack that is really quite nauseating.

    btw, net neutrality is a good thing and has nothing to do with some liberal agenda. Unless of course you’d like to be forced to pay extra to access “premium internet sites” or whatever other BS marketing terms the ISPs come up with. I’m all for a free market but we have laws against price fixing and anti-competitive behavior in business for a reason.

  14. So you can get it for $0.01 if you want to, but you choose to pirate it. Why do people like you exist.

    Whether you define the EFF as a charity or not is irrelevant, you give money to them, they do good things with money. I don’t think donating to the EFF will have the same effect as voting for the liberals.

  15. You can choose which charities get your money or don’t. So if you don’t like one of the charities, just give it to another. Or give it all to the developers.

  16. or you can just donate to childs play and give 0 to EFF. which I did.

  17. You now get all six games from the original bundle AS WELL AS THE FIVE HERE. They are:



    World of Goo

    Lugaru HD


    Samarost 2

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