Big Bang Mini sequel coming to Wii in 2010

We absolutely loved Big Bang Mini at Infendo. We gave it our highest recommendation, and we’re thrilled to report a sequel is in the works.

Only this time, the fireworks are coming to Wii.

According to N-Sider, another Big Bang Mini game is in development for a 2010 Wii release. Like the DS original, the Wii version is being developed by Arkedo and will be published by SouthPeak Games.

Arkedo president Camille Guermonprez says the team is trying “some clever tricks” to adapt Big Bang Mini for a new audience on Wii.

“Say you are a father playing by yourself a nice level of the solo Arcade mode. Your four-year-old daughter comes in and wants to join,” postulates Guermonprez. “What’s her mood today? Does she want to help you fight the baddies, or does she want to have fun tickling them so they can get crazy and annoy you more?”

The Wii version is planned to revisit five worlds from the original and have a stronger focus on multiplayer. N-Sider called it an “extended and redesigned” version of Big Bang Mini; it is unclear whether the Wii game is an all-new sequel or simply a revision of the original.

The original Big Bang Mini released Jan. 21 for the Nintendo DS in North America. No date has yet been given for the Wii version.