Bethesda developer calls Wii a “toy”

Now, I like Bethesda games, especially Fallout 3 (until I got slightly bored after reaching about level 15 or so), but when developer Todd Howard says the Wii is a toy not worthy of his development time I can’t help but think how buggy Bethesda games are for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

They’re good games, mind you, but I think all that storage space and horsepower has led Bethesda to become a developer synonymous with buggy, needs-to-be-patched software. Fallout 3 could have used a little more, well, color too, although I imagine that idea was nixed during the early stages or being too “toy-like.”

Perhaps they’d be free to spend a little more on QA if they developed some slightly less ambitious titles for the little white moneymaking machine, the Wii? Regardless, it’s evident that not every developer feels the need to grovel at Nintendo’s feet these days, a la EA.