Wild Wii game reviews (or, here we go again)

Those keen-eyed chaps at 4cr spotted yet another case of “wildy all over the place Wii game review syndrome” today, and in this case it’s for SSX Blur.

  • Games Radar: “Controls are accurate and amazing” ’ 9
  • IGN: “One of the most intense and entertaining experiences on Wii” ’ 8.4
  • 1up: “Motion-based control is disruptive to the flow” ’ 5.5
  • GamePro: “The controls are awful” ’ 5

OK, first I’ll just look at the numbers, not where they came from. All over the place, they are. For Wii owners, that’s nothing new, and I’d have to say that once again the Wiimote is the factor behind the varied review scores.

Now, let’s look at the pubs that gave the reviews. The first two I respect (for all the guff I give IGN, I actually do factor in their review scores when deciding on game purchases). The last two are bunk. 1UP (EGM) is near death and GamePro is the discriminating gamer’s toilet paper. And, if you’ll look, their qualm with Blur is the Wiimote. Surprise. Makes me wonder if the first two reviews had the Wiimote right side up, and the last two were holding it upside down. But that’s just my opinion.

Really, it’s what YOU think. Who’s going to get Blur/played it/wants to weigh in?