Best New Reason to Buy a Nintendo DS

GearLog believes Electroplankton is the best new reason to buy a Nintendo DS. If one more hit title is released for the DS in such a short span of time, I’m gonna do a cartwheel or something. From the article: “Electroplankton. It’s not a game, precisely, though you do play with it (or on it, or through it…). Essentially, it turns your DS into a music creation tool — but that’s not quite right either, since you create rich and colorful visualizations as you play, and that’s a huge part of the experience. So I think Nintendo has created a new category; MusiCreatiVisual? Kudos to the spunky game company.”

The fine folks at GoNintendo had the following to say about the game: “Little did I know just HOW much of a unique and enticing experience Electroplankton would be. I first started playing Electroplankton at five in the afternoon, and my DS was not turned off until after nine. The review copy was passed through many staff members hands? and no matter how long they spent with the game the decision was unanimous. Electroplankton is simply amazing.”

Strike up another one.

[Source: GearLog]


  1. Dang it. I have no choice. I have to buy a DS.

  2. When the Nintendo DS came out I thought to myself the only way Nintendo is going to make it with a system this crazy is if they somehow release blockbuster after blockbuster, each one showing people more and more how the DS rocks the house.
    Congratulations, they did it-
    Warioware, Nintendogs, Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing, Mario and Luigi: PIT, Electroplankton, and they just keep coming- in Japan they’ve already got Super Princess Peach and that’ll be a must have, and we still have New Super Mario Brothers on the way. I haven’t even brought up some of the amazing third party support the DS has been getting.
    I’m thuroughly impressed.

  3. ” we still have New Super Mario Brothers on the way”

    I’m ready and my DS is too.

  4. I actually already have Electroplankton after importing it from Japan; There is no english or Japanese in the whole game apart from at the beggining menu where it has both langauges! It is a very cool game/music thing. Though if you got bored of nintendo dogs and don’t enjoy games which don’t have a real incentive to carry on then you may get bored, as I did. But it also becomes a party game where you will keep going back to hear you, and your friends voices in slow motion, fast, reverse etc! It is an amazing game and i would give it;
    Graphics; 9.3, Awesome visuals!
    Sound; 10, Astounding sound almost mesmerises you!
    Lasting appeal; 7.9, Unless you take advantage of some of the better functions, Electroplankton gets repetative.

    Overal; 9.1

  5. I too bought it on import on release from Japan and, am still playing it. I agree totally with the last comment. It is lovely.

    Even yesterday, I was showing it to my drunken friends up in Leeds and they were going mad over it.

    They were drunk remember.

  6. The fine folks at GoNintendo…I feel so honored! Thanks for the mention, much appreciated!

  7. Personally, I could care less about Electroplankton. Way not my kind of game…

  8. It’s not a game, dude. Give it a fair trial.

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