The Best 7 Nintendo Games That You Will Always Love To Play

The Best 7 Nintendo Games That You Will Always Love To Play

Nintendo games have always been one of the favorites among the people of all the age-groups. And ofcourse you shouldn’t be unaware of the fact because of the high-popularity and successful nature of the game. Moreover, you can even buy such games at an affordable rate now using a lucrative coupon from CoupnsMonk. But, if by any chance, you think that you’ve not been exposed to the Nintendo games more in the past then you should know about the best ones surely.

Here is the list of seven such most popular Nintendo games which will just leave you amused and astonished:

Excite Truck

This amazing game was a launch title for the Wii which generally uses the system’s motion controls so that it can guide the racing trucks moving around various tracks. The main thrilling features of the game are tight tilt controls, great visualization of hardware and fun mini-games which in-turn make this one of the best games. In this game you can superimpose the game’s music with your own by inserting a SD card.

Mario Party 5

In 1992, Nintendo created this game which is a boundlessly creative sequel. It is one of the Mario’s best handled outings. The first appearance of Wario, six golden coins, imaginative power ups and brilliantly weird levels are some of the most exciting features of the game.

Marvelous: Another treasure island

This amazing game of Marvelous: Another treasure island is an integrated stepping stone of Eiji Aonuma. This game is totally inspired by the legend of Zelda. Moreover, it is also yet another amazing super Nintendo game to boot which offers an unique and offbeat story that introduces three young boys.

F-Zero X

This thrilling game has 20 tracks and 30 vehicles to choose from. This outstanding game is with sharp turns, creative courses and collision plays. In this game, the futuristic racer set a precedent for tight controls and the excellent track designs create a buzz always. Moreover, it’s one of the best racing games that exists today.

Dr. Mario

In this game you can see Mario jumping over the heads of bad guys and taking out them. It is basically a simple puzzle game where if you match colors on the top of viruses you can cause them to get disappeared and died. The energetic and addictive gameplay and superb music make it stand the test of time long.

Donkey Kong country returns

In this game, a long dormant Nintendo Juggernaut gets revived after more than a decade. The game was developed by Retro studios and DKCR pulled inspiration from the awesome parts of SNES originals. Which in-turn built up great platforming areas.

Balloon Fight

Balloon Fight is one of the most interesting games that exists today. This game has simple black backgrounds and wave-based challenges which feel like an extension of this existing coin-operated heritage. The competitiveness that exist in the players depends upon what their tempers allow, an element which was later introduced by Nintendo in several of their Wii and WiiU games. The interesting balloon trip is an exciting precursor that exist in the popular endless runner genre of tablet games. 

So, if you’ve not played any one of these video games yet then make a move soon and play to experience an endless fun!