Extracurricular: Gossip, etc.

In a scan from EGM’s latest issue, retrieved from The Revolution Lifestyle, the Q-man claims that Mario Paint will go to both DS and Revolution. A Pilotwings game will join Mario Paint on the Rev. He also says that DS and PSP will get hardware revisions by year’s end, both including a camera. DS Lite on the other hand will come in May. [via GoNintendo]

Mario stamps. Cause Lady Liberty draped in stars and stripes gets old.

When asked about possibly putting indie content on the Virtual Console, GarageGames’ (Marble Ultra Blast, Live Arcade) Jay Moore answered with a shrug and a devious smirk: “We’ve always said we’ll be everywhere there is an opportunity to bring fun games to players with our tools and our games. I can neither confirm or deny any relationship with Nintendo or why GarageGames booth was right next to the Nintendo Gamers Lounge at GDC.” [DS-x2]