DS Rumble Pack

From IGN: “The Rumble Pak, called quite simply the Rumble Pak, vibrates when the Nintendo DS tells it to. Code within DS software will trigger the innerworkings of the cartridge to spin and vibrate, which, in turn, causes the Nintendo DS system to vibrate as well.”

The rumble pack, spared no expense, will ship with Metroid Prime Pinball next week for the Nintendo DS. Any takers out there?


  1. Great! Now give us a rendition of REZ for the DS and we’ll be set!

  2. Someons on Joystiq mentioned Mario Kart…I actually would like to see it work with MK…I always liked the rumble effects in racing games…
    Will it be sold seperately ?
    Because I’m not that interested in the game…

  3. Sturek – I agree. Metroid Pinball, while mildy intriguing, doesn’t seem all that interesting. Forcing us to buy that game just to get the rumble pack seems like a bit much.

    Sonic Spinball got really old really fast, bt rumble seems pretty cool.

    The N64 rumble pack was eventually sold on it’s own, but I think that initially, StarFox 64 was the only way to get it and they kept it that way for a little while in order to drive sales.

  4. The DS rumble pak only works with games that r designed for it. The game sends info to the pak to let it know to rumble. Mario Kart surely won’t support it. Besides i heard that it’s noisy and annoying. MK plays fine by itself.

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